Leleje is a baby/kids clothing brand from the cradle of mankind, Ethiopia. After carefully studying the need for baby brands in the country, we have decided it was time to create one that is dear to parents as it will be to the kids. Leleje, means “for my kids” in the local Amharic language. This is for certain the one thing all parents live by ever since they become a parent.
The brand’s inception began in 2016 after the creator had her firstborn and believed afterward that the uniqueness of the languages can be supported with graphic designs, which is her profession, to create a brand labeled proudly Made in Ethiopia with quality attributes that match the pricing. Ethiopia has become one of the textile hubs that the rest of the world has turned its focus in the past few years. With the growth of the textile industry in the country, Leleje brand is set for good to last in its origin.
Leleje, began with selling baby bodysuits. It is now diversifying its categories.

In all our creations, we make sure our products meet the globally set quality standard to become a competitor in the global market.
We carefully select our suppliers for all of our products because we know as being parents ourselves, every parent is careful and cautious with what they get to their beloved ones.
Leleje aims to reach global acceptance in the near future. For this vision to be accomplished we are open to working with individuals and companies who share our vision. Our doors are open for partnerships and professionals to our team who believe they can contribute to the already astonishing reputation.



Edom Tesfaye

Founder, and General manager

Edom Tesfaye is our brand Founder, and General manager of Leleje
baby wear and accessories plc. She is also the chief design officer for
all products associated with the brand.